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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Party like it's 1963/1989 (delete as appropriate)

What a swell party...

The Bastows Family got together in late May to celebrate 50 years of Making London Beautiful and 25 years of happy marriage for Frank and Amanda Bastow. 

The party was hosted by Frank and Amanda- sorry, expertly hosted- and was held in the beautiful Surrey countryside.

Over 200 guests of all ages were treated like A-list stars, with live music, beauty treatments, beautiful marquees, gorgeous food and drinks- even a cocktail bar and a vodka luge, suitably branded with our anniversary logo!

Afternoon tea was followed by an incredible buffet expertly served and presented by specialist caterers Scotts.

From fresh fruit and canapes to pastries, from salads and sandwiches to a hog roast, we were spoilt for choice- even if everyone felt momentarily guilty about sampling and ruining the works of art on offer.
A close-up magician entertained us with amazing tricks and illusions, and never gave away a single secret....

The spaces created were sumptious, comfortable and welcoming whether you needed to kick up your heels or have a quiet moment to catch up with friends.

For a while everyone was on their best behaviour...


 ... brotherly love was in evidence...

... contractor/ client relations were at an all time high...

... and the garden looked stunning as night fell. It was a sophisticated do, the highlight of the year and everyone was enjoying the elegance of the day.

Then the swing band kicked off, the cocktail bar got busier and it all got a bit messy.

The band were amazing- storming, stomping and whipped up the crowd, filling the dancefloor and rocking not just the house, but the whole street. 

Shoes were kicked off, and the dancers gave it their all.

The food became props for silly photos... here's Nim and Dave sharing a baguette and not messing about at all, oh no...

... while Raz and Frank challenged all comers to try their luck on the vodka luge. Have you ever tried marmalade flavoured vodka? We have. Twice. Trust us- it's potent.

Our thanks to all who celebrated with us, to all who worked so hard to give us all a great experience, and to Frank and Amanda for organising it all. It was a brilliant event made more special because we shared it with Family. 

Though the 75th anniversary party is going to have a LOT to live up to...

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