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Friday, 26 March 2010

Easter Holiday

Easter is approaching...
A reminder to all to put the clocks forward this weekend, and have a relaxing, peaceful long weekend next week...
Good Friday: 2 April
Easter Sunday: 4 April
Easter Monday (Bank Holiday): 5 April
Our sites and office will close as normal at 5pm on 1 April and re-open on Tuesday 6 April at 8am.
Have a wonderful weekend with your families and friends, and welcome in the Summertime with a smile.
Happy Easter to you all.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

I love London in the Springtime...

Spring is well and truly on its way!
There's a marked improvement in the weather (well, it's cold but there's no snow), the daffodils are creeping into the florists' shops, and I even saw a scattering of snowdrops the other day.
People seem happier, too... there are more smiles around town, that's for sure, and less grimaces- faces screwed up against the cold, or partially covered with scarves.
We're enjoying more daylight; who doesn't love leaving work in the evening and realising it's still light? That will improve again soon when the clocks go forward (Sunday 28th March 2010) marking the official start of British Summer Time. We may be losing an hour's sleep for one night, but with extra daylight in the evenings and a long summer ahead, there’s plenty to look forward to after the clocks change.
It's been a tough winter and a long one, but things are turning warmer, brighter and sunnier- here's to a wonderful Spring season for the Family.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

CCS Audit Reports

Considerate Constructors Scheme:
latest scores and report now in.
Today we received back the site monitor's reports on our three largest sites in Belgravia.
Our scores remain consistently high, with our work in the areas of safety, cleanliness of sites, communication and consideration and respect for residents, neighbours and the environment singled out for particular praise. The auditor also thanked us for the unique welcome he received from our Family, who as always worked together to get a great result.
Special mention to our Site Managers Chupo, Almir and Elvis for their hard work to attain these high standards.
The next CCS award events take place in April and May, and we are nominated for two awards or projects completed in 2009. We look forward to meeting the very best in our industry and hope to add two more Gold awards to our collection.