Restoring and beautifying London's most prestigious homes with love for almost 100 years.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

News Update

So, somebody angered the volcano god and created chaos...

Hoping that those stranded are now safely home or on their way. (And I bet we all start to see air travel as the luxury it is once again!)

As a result of the problems we've all faced to varying degrees, we are postponing the launch of the new brand by one week. Launch week is now week commencing 3rd May.

We want all our Family to be part of the launch, and with some stranded right now, it just doesn't feel right to go ahead until we're all here to enjoy it.

We know you'll love what we've created, and hope you don't mind waiting a little longer to enjoy it.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

This is the week when...

... things really start taking off with our exciting new project.

Amongst everything else, the new stationery is in production, the new sitewear is starting to arrive, and the new website is well under construction.

A lot of thought, consideration, care and love has gone into creating the new image. Everyone in the Family- including clients and residents- has had an important part to play, and we thank you all for creating this.