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Tuesday, 4 February 2014


We are proud to announce that we have been recognised with the Investors in People Silver award.

Following our recent assessment where people from across the Bastows Family were interviewed we are delighted to confirm that we have been awarded Silver status. We have gone from being unaccredited to one of the highest levels of recognition in just 3 years, illustrating out ongoing commitment to excellence in people development.

Jim, our assessor, was particularly impressed by:
  • The way the values drive the company forward and underpin everything it does.
  • The approach of treating employees as members of the ‘Family’.
  • The concern for people’s health and wellbeing.
  • The effort made to ensure people feel informed and that their ideas are welcomed and valued.
  • The ways we facilitate sharing of knowledge.
  • The way Directors make people development a high priority and are keen to provide the necessary resources.
  • That people feel listened to and that most believe their manager will do what they can to address their concerns.
  • That people have a high regard for their site managers and trust and respect the Directors.
  • That people are encouraged to attain qualifications and are kept up to date in all technical subjects.
We are delighted that so many members of our Family took time to share their stories and experiences with Jim to support our efforts. It makes us very proud that we attained this as we asked everyone to just "Be honest."

We want to be the very best for our clients. Our people are what make us the best- and we can prove it!

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