Restoring and beautifying London's most prestigious homes with love for almost 100 years.

Friday, 1 February 2013

A year of celebrations

We promised news this week and on this fabulous Friday we are delighted to share some of our plans for 2013- the year we celebrate 50 Years of Making London Beautiful.

Our origins are in the North- our CEO Frank's grandfather Robert established a specialist restoration business in Yorkshire in 1919, passing the business to his son Derek when he retired. It was Derek who brought Bastows to London in 1963, setting down values of quality, care, and a love for what we do that we still work with today.

We could wait until 2019 to mark our centenary as a family business, but we are so proud to have served London's finest homes and estates that we couldn't let the big 5-0 slip by unnoticed.

In this special year we want to look back on the projects and people we remember as well as keep an eye on the future as we move into the next fifty years.


Starting today on our Facebook page, we'll be sharing fifty photos over the coming weeks that capture a memory from the past five decades.


We'll soon unveil a special 50th Anniversary edition of our logo that you'll see appearing online, on our social media and on our vans (spotted all over London!) Take a snap of a van sporting the special logo in 2013, tweet it to us at @BastowsFamily and win a special little piece of history from 1963.


We'll be blogging weekly about an event from the past fifty years, covering the story of our Family as well as topics from news to music, fashion and society. What was life like when Derek set up in London? We'll be welcoming guest bloggers, too- so do you have your own memory you'd like to share?


This year will see the release of a handy new book that will provide our Family and friends with the story behind Bastows' growth and values, offering insight, honesty and incredibly useful tools for business and life. Indispensable advice, free and on us- because you're worth it.


We'll also be posting some video interviews with our people over on YouTube about how Bastows has grown and changed in their time. How different are things from their first day with us? What's the best bit of being part of the Bastows family? What are our plans for the future?

There will be lots more happening, including a family party in the Summer when we can be (almost!) sure of better weather- watch the blog, Facebook page and Twitter feed for news!

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