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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A better way

Our business has always prided itself on the highest standards of safety and care for employees, residents and anyone affected by our works. We work hard to minimise disruption, inconvenience and risk and have been recognised many times over for our success in doing so.

A combination of training, expertise, teamwork, experience, respect and conscious effort means we deliver a service to prestigious clients and their residents that we believe is unparallelled  in our market.

We believe that when working on homes, we must be mindful to keep people safe and happy, and leave them with a positive impression of both our business and the construction industry.

We set down a clear code of conduct for our people, and are proud to say that we rarely receive any reports of concern or anxiety about our works, and that any we do hear are speedily resolved with care and the right information. In six years with Bastows, I can honestly count the number of issues raised with me on one hand- all resolved with prompt action, clear communication and a desire to find a better way to move things forward.

We never dismiss a resident's concerns, no matter what. We will always work with them to resolve things and go on Making London Beautiful.

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