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Friday, 30 September 2011


Hi, Niki here. I just wanted to add a few thoughts on the previous post.

It's a truly exciting time and a delight to see Andy move into the role of MD (and very much deserved), and we wish him every success. I am confident that he has the skills needed to succeed, as well the support, respect and co-operation of us all. I would like to wish him wonderful days as the new MD!

We cannot let the day pass without marking the sad news that Nancy is leaving us. However Bastows being Bastows, we know we will ALWAYS be family, and we will still see a lot of her!

Personally, I have to say that Nancy has been a wonderful colleague, dedicated and hardworking, but someone who has also become one of the truest friends you might wish for. It won't be the same here without her... although I know different can also be good!

Nancy, this is to say a more heartfelt 'thank you, and I'll miss you' to you. We have come to share the ups and downs of life and learned to 'treat those two impostors just the same'. We have laughed and seethed together more often than we care to count. We have shared cocktails and tea in equal measure, in London and Las Vegas. I have listened to your insight and your inimitable way of stating exactly what's wrong with a thing (as well as what needs to be done about it), and for that I thank you.

We have made fantastic memories in the 4 years we've been friends and colleagues, and we are not done yet, missus.

Nancy, you're one in several million and we will see you soon, and often.

Our love and luck goes with you on your next adventure.

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