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Thursday, 15 September 2011


We've just received our Considerate Constructors Scheme report back for our project at 130-152 Buckingham Palace Road and are delighted to share the news that we scored an amazing 37 out of 40 points.

The site is managed by Almir Mujagic, who has been with Bastows for over 10 years and is a dedicated and talented member of our Site Management team. Almir had support from our Health & Safety Auditor Adam Crichton, who has championed the CCS programme from its inception.

The CCS scheme monitors how we operate a site over 8 different criteria- Considerate, Environment, Appearance, Good Neighbour, Respectful, Safety, Responsible and Accountable.

This includes not one but TWO 5s for our Responsible approach and Environmental awareness, with 4.5 across the remaining six areas. This is the first time we have ever scored two 5s, and we are enormously proud of our guys for this achievement.

The monitor particularly praised our "Comprehensive community notice board providing photographic detail of works", "high standard of presentation", "Extensive community participation (and)... meaningful charitable donations", our strong Corporate diversity and equality policy and Occupational Health programme including body mapping. It was also noted that our website affords a great way for the public to contact us, including our use of Twitter and Facebook. He recognised that CCS is "integral to company objectives with awareness
encouraged from board level throughout the company." The monitor commented too on the "high standard" of our public image and approachability, "proactive approach to waste elimination" and energy efficiency & rainwater harvesting policies.

As Gold award winners in 2008 and 2010, and National 'Most Considerate Site' award winners in 2010, we know the value of working with the Considerate Constructors Scheme and how their standards can be used as an essential benchmark to help your Company and improve the image of the construction industry.

We are delighted to share this news with you and hope you will join with us in thanking Almir, Adam and the team on site for their efforts, hard work and desire to excel.

Guys- from our hearts: THANK YOU, and CONGRATULATIONS!


Meet the team...


"I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina and lived there until I was 18; little did I know when I was a young lad that I would end up living in London.

I attended a Technical college there and started working as an apprentice plumber when the war started - and all my plans and aspirations were put to rest.

I arrived in London in February 1993 on a special flight. When I was at the airport a guy my age approached me and asked if I could spare a cigarette... his name was Cupo, and he became one of my best friends.

I was in awe of this big city, didn't know the language and it was a scary prospect - I had to rebuild my life.

I worked as a labourer, car wash assistant, chippie and eventually as a painter and decorator.

I joined the Bastows family in 1999 and haven't looked back since. It has been a learning curve and I have enjoyed (most) of it so far.

Besides being a great Site Manager, I am also a proud dad of two (ages 15 and 10 respectively). I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, love photography, have a passion for music and I’m also a bit of a film buff."

ADAM CRICHTON, Health and Safety Auditor
"I’m shortly going to enter my fourth year working within the Bastows family. I enjoy going out with friends on the weekend in and around London to relax, whether it be playing football in the park or on a night out.

I also enjoy boxing and basketball especially during the fine British summers..!
My favourite song is Mr Brightside by The Killers and my favourite film is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas."

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