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Monday, 14 December 2015

Our Christmas Party

On 12 December we got together at The Dog & Truck pub in E1 to celebrate the festive season together.

We had opted for a 'London Legends' theme to tie in with our love for London, and asked everyone to take inspiration from our city and dress to impress.

From Amanda the suffragette to Steph the pearly queen via Dave's Smithfield porter and Andy's Charlie Chaplin, the rich history of our city was well represented.

Tube stations got in on the action too,with Emma as our own Christmas Angel (Islington) and Andy, Nim, Frank, Archie, Marek, Dan and Liam as the Seven Sisters! 

Simply an incredible choice of outfits and yes, they all walked to the pub dressed like nuns...

Even the darker side of London was represented with Steve as Jack the Ripper, Lawrence as V and Harvey and Niki as Sweeney Todd and Mrs Lovett. Thankfully everyone's favourite bear Paddington (Corina) was on hand to lighten the mood again!

With darts and pool tournaments ably run by Dan with Liam's assistance, exceptional food and drink and a brilliant Chas & Dave tribute band we partied hard and did our town proud! 

Congrats to darts champ Paul Walsh and pool champ Frank Bastow, as well as the winner of the costume competition, Steph Brown.

It was fantastic to welcome so many of our Family to the party and extend the invite to our own families too.

Thank you to all who came along, and a special thank you to Jackie, David and the team at the pub for such a perfectly hosted and enjoyable night.

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