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Monday, 2 February 2015

A few pennies make a big difference

The Bastows Copper Coin Challenge is GO!

We are asking everyone reading this to take part and make a massive difference to our 2015 fundraising for Shelter. It'll get us off to a flying start and it's so easy to join in.

1. Put a large-ish glass jar, plastic tub, old baked bean can (or anything else you can get your hands on) in your home and/or workplace until May 31st. 

2. Ask your colleagues, friends and family to place just a few copper coins in every time you see them. ALL their copper coins would be great but we know some people love to hang on to those 2 pence pieces. Weirdos.

3. No silver coins allowed. I mean, come ON, guys. Times are hard and we don't want to bankrupt anyone with this.

4. When the jar (or whatever!) is full, cash it up at your bank and donate your haul online on our fundraising page at

5. The person who donates the most when we tally it all up on 1st June will win a prize, which we are yet to announce- but rest assured it'll be awesome. Like, chocolate covered awesome.

6. That's it. No really, that's it. So easy you can't not join in, right?

Comment below or tweet us @bastowsfamily to let us know you're in and where you'll be collecting. We also want pics of your collecting jars as we go along.

It'll get competitive, you know it.

2p or not 2p, that is the question....

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