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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Feet of flame!

Get ready for a new Hero of the week. No, month. At LEAST.

Frank Bastow did it. He completed the Thames Path Challenge, walking 100km in 23 hours 19 minutes.

In the process, he raised £5,580 for the Construction Youth Trust.

AMAZEBALLS, frankly. 

He managed to tweet on his way to keep us updated on his progress and has thankfully spared us photos of his feet since the day. 

and after. Weirdly, he's still smiling.
However he is threatening to send them to us to blog here if you don't donate.

Please... think of our sanity. Think of the children. Think of those of us who have all given generously and should be spared such horrific images.

Now... please go and give what you can.

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