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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Generation Game

The week has started well, and so far it seems to be all about the next generation.

Yesterday we secured our first candiate for work experience through the Construction Youth Trust (huge thanks to Karen there for all her help) and we are excited to welcome him to the Cundy Street site net Monday for two weeks. We have insisted on paying a wage- what's work experience worth without the pleasure of earning something for it? 

We are looking forward to helping him find his feet in the industry and develop new skills that will help him build a career. All being well, we will introduce him to you next week on this page!

Today we've had another chance to support our friends at the Leatherhead Youth Project with their efforts to get outdoor equipment together for young people taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh's Awards Scheme. We've been able to help by providing them with sleeping bags, gas lanterns, torches and roll mats. They still need more kit though, including tents and rucksacks, so if you can help in any way, please get in touch with Lucy at LYP or you can donate here

Bastows are proud to believe in the next generation, and to support young people as they find their way in the world. We all needed help to get going once upon a time, and we are just repaying what we borrowed.

We are all here to make the World a better place, and we never forget that we are here to Make London Beautiful for everyone we meet.

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