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Friday, 8 March 2013

Hat trick!

Yesterday we shared the news that we've been shortisted for the Family Business Place 'Customer First' Red Ribbon award. That was pretty cool in itself, right? But it seems they rate us even more highly...

Today we add a nomination for their 'Family Business of the Year' award to our growing list of things to cross our fingers for. What does this mean to us?

We have supported FBP and their great work to promote the interests of family businesses for over 2 years now, and love their ethos and people. They work with the finest family businesses in the UK, including many which go back over 200 years. As we celebrate 50 years in London and look to our centenary in 2019, we are privileged to be a part of things.

We were so proud to pick up their 'Corporate Environmental Responsibility' award last November in recognition of our efforts to be a socially and enironmentally responsible and aware business, and to be shortlisted for their 'Innovation' award too; to add two more nominations to the tally this year is wonderful.

The awards take place in London on 5th July.

So that's two nominations from Family Business Place in 2013- add this to our amazing achievement in making the shortlist of the Family Business United 'Family Business of the Year' award and it means we not only complete a hat trick of achievements, but could mark 50 years of Making London Beautiful by being Family Business of the Year twice over! (PS- You can still vote for us here!)

Family Business UnitedThis trio of nominations recognises our values and ethics, our people, their skills and our unique approach; we are proud to share this news and thank every member of our Family for giving us reason to celebrate.

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