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Thursday, 16 August 2012


Bastows have a fine tradition of supporting various charities through others doing great things- and so now we have decided to get active and be the fundraisers! We have chosen Maggie's Centres as our charity and are looking forward to completing their legendary 20 mile London Night Hike on Friday 21st September.

Our eleven intrepid hikers are our CEO Frank, Contracts Director Nimesh and his wife Marisa, Financial Director Andy and his wife Ieva, Site Managers Elvis and Almir and their wives Mihaela and Sandra and Cultural Director Niki and her partner Steve. We start at 7.30pm from Leadenhall Market, and walk 10 miles to Maggie's West London centre before heading back to Leadenhall to complete our 20 mile route.

Why Maggie's?

Maggie’s Centres are for anyone affected by cancer. They are places where people are welcome at any stage in their journey – from just being diagnosed, or undergoing treatment, to post-treatment, recurrence, end of life or in bereavement. 

Maggie's is about empowering people to live with, through and beyond cancer by bringing together professional help, communities of support and building design to create exceptional centres for cancer care.

They welcome family and friends, too, knowing that those who love and look after someone with cancer can feel just as frightened, vulnerable and uncertain- and all their support is free of charge.

Care for those going through a cancer diagnosis and treatment as well as looking out for their families is an issue close to our hearts, and we are proud to be able to support Maggie's and get fit too!

You can support us via our Just Giving page, and if you're a UK taxpayer you'll know that Maggie's will receive the benefit of Gift Aid, making your donation worth even more.

We are excited, nervous, proud and working very hard to break in our shoes in time for the Hike... please support us if you can. We know times are tough, but for some, times are tougher still.

Thank you! 

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