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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Why tooling around on Facebook matters

There are plenty of companies out there who don't use social media; they consider it 'scary', 'complicated', 'a waste of time and energy'.

Let us explain why we do it.

We have strong values- to be Brave, Harmonious and True. We work every day to embody those values and be the best we can be. That's not just being 'nice', but going beyond what's expected to deliver something exceptional. It's not hard work when you believe that you get what you give- it's an investment in our relationships with each other, our clients, suppliers and the residents of the beautiful buildings we work on. Why do we need a relationship? Because it makes things run smoothly when you've built understanding. Simple, non?

So where does social media come in? Why does 'tooling around on Facebook' matter?

How can we demonstrate what we do, how we do it and who we are to the widest audience we can? Our sites are our billboard- if you want to see what we do, drop by (just be prepared to be inducted so we know you're safe.) Who we are- that's easily illustrated right over on our Family page. Plus, you know, you can give us a call and ask us anything. (Well, maybe not anything, but we know a lot about our business, plus Andy says he's good on sport and there's not much Steve doesn't know about Tottenham Hotspur.)

How we do it has always been the sticky wicket- you'd have to spend some time with us to really get that one. So we set up on Facebook, Twitter and this blog to share our unique approach and culture with you all. Have you read the website and think "There's no way they really work like that"? Well, we say the curous can follow us on Twitter and track back and see the evidence for themselves. Go on, then. We'll wait while you do.


We really DO work like that. We weren't kidding.

Social media is our way of sharing our news, views, and just connecting with the wider world. It's not scary, complicated OR a waste of time. It means residents can check us out before we begin work on their home. It means clients can see the kind of company we are before they consider using us. It means our people can connect and share info. 

As much as there are businesses eyeing the internet warily, there are companies out there doing amazing things with social media too. We don't pretend to be trailblazers, but we're proud that we use it and that we use it honestly. It's just another channel for doing what we already did- communicating in an open and positive way. Each medium is different and has an identified aim- Twitter, with its 140-character limit, is the context of how we converse and connect. Facebook is brilliant for photos and sharing videos, and a little more content. The real meat is here in the blog (which we simply don't update regularly enough, we know- but we will, so watch this space.)This is where we'll be sharing the stories, and welcoming you into our Family a little more.

So we're ready to start sharing a little more about how we do what we do. Drag up a chair and join the conversation.

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