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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Families Matter!


Site Manager Seamus Ireland emails us to say:

“Whilst working at Abbey House in NW8 one morning, Bastows’ father and son team Ioan and Cozmin Caniparu noticed something strange - DUCKS nesting on the roof next door!

Now, next door happens to be the historic Abbey Road Studios, where the Beatles famously recorded (and crossed the road!) and which is still the most prestigious recording studio in the World.

To Cozmin and Ioan’s amazement there were seven or eight ducklings huddled together on the hopper head and rainwater pipes. With the sun beaming down on them and with no water to drink or cool them down we decided to inform the studios about the situation. They were fantastic and, being as concerned as we were, they got in touch with the brilliant people at the RSPCA, who came and rescued the ducklings and their mother... all together now, ahhhh...!

But there’s more! As the morning went on the guys kept hearing this faint chirping coming from the same roof. When we investigated we found a duckling has fallen into the pipework and was stuck in the U-bend... so off we go again into the studios to explain and get permission to access the roof which we did safely.

The guys got to work undoing the brackets of the pipework so they could free the downpipes and turn the pipe upside down for the duckling to fall out into a safe pair of hands. The duckling emerged slowly but was full of life.

We are classed as big tough builders (but we have soft hearts) and so we called the RSPCA again who came out without a moment's hesitation and arranged for the lonely duckling to be reunited with its family.

All families care and all families matter... and it was great to be part of the Bastows, RSPCA and Abbey Road Family coming to the rescue!"