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Friday, 11 June 2010

The Bastows World Cup Sweepstake 2010

It's World Cup time again, when the shirts come out, the telly's never off, and the pubs across the world are filled with cheers, jeers and tears.

We've drawn a sweepstake for each of the members of our Facebook page to 'manage' one team through the tournament.

Here's our World Cup Sweepstake Table.

You'll see we haven't allocated a manager for England; this is because we don't think it's fair that someone gets the 'home' team, and gets to claim that they're somehow 'winning' due to the amount of flag and banners they've spotted on their way to work.
That, and we're so confident in Mr Capello and Steven Gerrard that we didn't want to jinx their magic touch.

French boss Sarah Tucker said earlier, "France. I'm happy with that."
Insightful comments from Group A, there.

Whatever you do, wherever you do it, enjoy this remarkable sporting event and cheer as loudly as you like for your chosen team... an congratulations to South Africa for showing the World a warm welcome, and being winners in bringing passion, spirit and love to 'the beautiful game.'

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