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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Bastows: truly Making London Beautiful
We have today had a wonderful message from Julian Maslinski, Chair of the Westminster Tree Trust. We have supported the work of the Trust to plant trees in areas of London in desperate need of greenery.
As part of the latest tree planting initiative, 53 trees have been planted in Weymouth Street, W1, which crosses Hallam Street, where 40 trees were planted in 2009.
This follows our work with Julian and his colleagues to plant trees at a SW1 primary school in 2009, which we hear are thriving thanks to the children at the school who have learnt so much about the different types in place that they have adopted responsibility for their care.
Bastows are proud to support the scheme by donating trees, and delighted to work with the Trust to truly help to Make London Beautiful.

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